About us

Youth World Food Day is an initiative of I4NATURE in co-creation with:
http://www.bayer.com, FoodFIRST, council of Ede, World Food Center, Wageningen Youth Institute and Food & Business Knowledge Platform .

As a consortium we aim to achieve the following goals:

• Making people within the Food & Agri value chains and rural-urban continuum aware that young people have valuable insights and ideas that can be tapped into to have a significant contribution to solving food security challenges.

• Creating awareness amongst young people, and let them experience , that they are part of the Food and Agri value chains, their (behavioural or consumer) choices and solutions they can bring create impact.

• Positioning the Netherlands, in particular Ede as the location where the World Food Centre is situated, as a guiding country on the future challenges of combatting Zero hunger.

I4NATURE is leading in with a group of young people in the world wide youth council for the Rome based agencies FAO, WFP and IFAD follow #Youth4AgCouncil #YouthinAg to join the combat for #zerohunger!