How do you prevent food losses in your region? 

You can think of preventing food losses in the chain of food production

  • How can you use seed materials more efficient? 

In the harvest process:  

  • How can you improve the percentage of product that is coming of the land? 

How to prevent rest streams to be wasted:  

  • How can you upgrade rest products of the main plant or product that is being processed. 

Like this example of the Ketchup project: 

And now? 

You by yourself, or in a group can work on your idea of coping with this challenge. Choose a category where you think you have a great solution which might even grow to become a start-up. Do some research, brainstorm, and visualise your solution in a small video pitch or poster (we will send you a format),  send the poster or video to us before 4 October ( On Youth World Food Day, we will discuss a range of solutions with experts online with young people in different parts of the world. We have the opportunity for an inspiring well development start-up idea to get at the table of high level experts to be rewarded for further development.

What is the scale of the problem?